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Sale of computer equipment

Sale of computers


The variety on the market for ready made desktops is immense. Whether it is a large surface area, an electronic marketplace or the Internet, the number of computers on offer makes the choice increasingly difficult.

Many offers are cheap at first sight, but they often have inferior components, unnecessary programmes and later many headaches and more costs.


Advantages of buying from an IT professional

  • The computer is configured according to your needs
  • We advise and support you
  • You have a contact person in difficulty
  • You will have quick solutions
  • Advice on maintenance contracts and consumables
Many buyers are overwhelmed when buying a computer because they do not know which type of processor to choose or what they need, and even more so when many do not know how to answer their questions. What is a processor, RAM memory etc.; and what are they for?
If you recognise yourself in it, the path to becoming a professional is the right one for you.