29740 Torre del Mar

Remote Assitence

We establish a remote connection to your computer to solve any of the following problems:

  • Help with installed programs
  • E-mail configuration
  • Browser configuration
  • Updates – New installation – Driver repair
  • Peripheral configuration
  • Uninstall all types of malicious software that may be present on your computer
  • Virus cleaning and anti-virus installation
  • Optimisation and acceleration of operating systems
  • Installation and configuration of free software GPL (General Public License)
  • Upgrade to Windows 10 (provided you have a suitable Internet connection)

To request online assistance, you must contact us, preferably by Whatsapp or telephone, to request a day and time for remote assistance and to specify the payment method for this service. Payments can be made as explained in our PAYMENT POLICY.

After the appointment you must download the programme for the remote control by clicking on this LINK.

The program can be run without installation by specifying a user ID. (see picture)
This ID must be given to us at the time of remote maintenance and authorise the connection to your computer (see figure)


As soon as we have terminated the remote connection, your equipment will be completely disconnected from our technical service.