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PC cleaning

Fast PC cleaning and optimisation

Did you know that 80% of computer failures and breakdowns can be prevented by regular maintenance and cleaning?

Proper internal cleaning, which should never be carried out without the correct material, prevents overheating of the motherboard, processor, chipsets, hard drives, etc. Cleaning the inside of the computer also prevents excessive noise from the fans. And of course we avoid dust mites and the resulting hygiene problems.

For computers to function properly, we must always monitor the temperature, as it has a decisive influence. It is therefore essential that the inside of computers, be they ATX towers, desktops, notebooks, etc., is regularly maintained and kept clean, especially the fans and heat sinks.

Another factor to consider is the periodic replacement of the thermal paste of the different computer processors, because a processor with dry paste that is broken by heat is a damaged processor in a short time.

PC CostaDelSol offers a careful service to remove dirt from your computer and replace the thermal paste if necessary

We collect the equipment from your home, clean it thoroughly and deliver it back to you in less than 24 hours.