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Maintenance & Support

Service/maintenance contracts

As part of a comprehensive and reliable IT support, we offer a number of pre-established services. These will depend on your company’s computer park, on which we will carry out a deep and exhaustive analysis to establish the needs of the maintenance contract. Of course, we will indicate the improvements to be made in the first instance for the correct operation of your installation and to be able to carry out optimum work.

Tip: Regular maintenance of the computer park will save you unnecessary repairs, both problems due to incorrect use, overheating, dirt, etc.

Equipment maintenance (by call – no contract)

We can also take care of the maintenance of your IT infrastructure without a contract and by appointment.

Maintenance services

  • Analysis and evaluation of the system protocol
  • Checking and installing operating system updates
  • Verification of Backus solutions
  • Checking the correct functioning of the antivirus software
  • Checking the uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Checking the network cabling (network communication failures)
  • Control of Server Hardware, Client Computers and Network Devices
  • Hard disk analysis, data deletion, defragmentation
  • Computer / Server Cleaning
  • NAS server capacity analysis
  • Optimization of RAM memory in relation to the equipment’s needs
  • Clarification of user’s doubts