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Local Networks

Installation of local networks

The basis of a computer network infrastructure is made up of cabling and network devices. Depending on the needs and dimensions of the network, different types of cable standards are used (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7) as, depending on the requirements, the transfer rate is up to 1000Mb (GigaLan). It is important that the chosen standard is present throughout the local network. All the devices should comply with this standard (NETWORK sockets, cables, switch, router, hubs).

Telephone wiring

Together with the installation of network cabling, if necessary, we also carry out cabling installations for telephony and switchboards. We install all the necessary connection boxes, we extend existing installations. We also carry out wiring installations for ISDN equipment.

Our local network cabling service

  • Extensive needs assessment and advice on network infrastructure
  • Local Network / Wiring Approach
  • Planning and implementation of telephone cabling
  • Distribution of network cable and gutters, both indoors and outdoors
  • Network cabling with the standard: Cat5/ Kat5, Cat5e/ Kat5e, Cat6/ Kat6
  • Fault diagnosis / cable check, functional network test
  • Installation/ Wall / In-wall power supply boxes (depending on pre-installation)
  • Distribution of telephone cable and installation of switchboards, if you do not decide to use our Virtual Switchboards through IP telephony


Logically, we can also carry out the installation of a local network via WiFi, since the majority of existing peripherals on the market are designed for this technology, with which we do not have the need for cables, but neither do we achieve the speeds that we obtain through a wired network. We will study and advise on all this according to the real needs of the client.